Drawing notion

The motif of the pictures which I draw, expresses directly the state of the feeling which human has, and human relations with color and shape.

It is a well known fact that the feeling which human has ,and state of human relations have big influence on a daily life and a mental condition.

It seems that the interior objects which has touched everyday influences our sensibility directly. Therefore those things must have good influence for our life and for our mental condition.

So my pictures may have a good influence for a daily life as a part of the interior.
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R1560-01@@3,800euro R450-01@@528euro R450-02@@528euro R450-03@@528euro R450-04@@528euro

R330-01@@293euro R330-02@@293euro R330-03@@293euro R330-04@@293euro

633-N-1@@183euro 633-N-2@@183euro 633-N-3@@183euro 633-M-1@@183euro 633-M-2@@183euro

633-M-3@@183euro 639-N-1@@242euro 639-N-2@@242euro 639-M-1@@242euro 639-M-2@@242euro

645-N-1@@330euro 645-N-2@@330euro 645-N-3@@330euro 645-M-1@@330euro 645-N-2@@330euro

645-M-3@@330euro 339-N-1@@173euro 339-N-2@@173euro 339-M-1@@173euro 339-M-2@@173euro

345-N-1@@262euro 345-N-2@@262euro 345-M-1@@262euro 345-M-2@@262euro 460-N-1@@445euro

460-N-2@@445euro 460-N-3@@445euro 460-N-4@@445euro 460-N-5@@445euro 460-N-6@@445euro

460-M-1@@445euro 460-M-2@@445euro 475-N-1@@694euro 475-N-2@@694euro 475-N-3@@694euro

475-N-4@@694euro 475-M-1@@694euro 475-M-2@@694euro 475-M-3@@694euro 490-N-1@@996euro

490-N-2@@996euro 490-N-3@@996euro 245-N-1@@183euro 245-N-2@@183euro 245-N-3@@183euro

245-N-4@@183euro 245-M-1@@183euro 245-M-2@@183euro 245-M-3@@183euro 245-M-4@@183euro
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